PvP Servers in Minecraft: Everything there is to know

Minecraft PvP servers can be fiercely competitive and offer intense gameplay. Some of the most popular PvP servers boast thousands of daily players.

PvP Servers in Minecraft: Everything there is to know

What is PvP in Minecraft servers?

PvP in Minecraft stands for player vs player. This means that players can attack each other.

There's a diverse range of popular Minecraft gamemodes that involve PvP, such as Bedwars, Factions, Murder Mystery, Kit-PvP, HCF, and much more.

Kit PvP in Minecraft

KitPvP is one of the top played PvP game modes, and upon development can be packed with so many different features. A typical KitPvP server would of course have kits, which are usually obtained by a rank, or voting.

Each kit is different, though the more expensive it is, the better the items. On certain servers, different techniques and strategies have been created by the player base in order to make the game more advanced, faster, and more entertaining; one of these strategies is known as bow-boosting.

Bow boosting is when a player uses their Punch Bow to fire an arrow behind them, then upon being hit by the arrow the player will be launched after/away from their enemy.

Pot PvP in Minecraft

Pot PvP is yet another popular style of PvP, and can be found in many PvP montages. Pot PvP is easily one of the most advanced styles of PvP, and Pot PvP servers contain many experienced players.

When you are close to death in pot PvP, you have to quickly turn around, throw a potion to heal yourself, and then get right back into the fight while barely losing enemy contact.

While healing yourself, it is crucial to not heal your enemy, as they would be able to win easier while you are on low health.

Soup PvP in Minecraft

Similar to Pot PvP, Soup PvP is a more active style of PvP. While ‘souping’ a quick hotkey to a soup-filled slot along with dropping the bowl all while still hitting your enemy.

Soup PvP is much more aggressive than Pot PvP, and contact should never be lost with your enemy, otherwise, you risk losing a combo. One mistake, and you have lost the game.

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to drop your empty soup bowl after consuming, to provide inventory space when you run out of soup in your Hotbar. You must be quick while refilling your Hotbar with extra soup, to try to keep pressure on your enemy.

How do you join a Minecraft PvP server?

Step 1: Launch Minecraft, Click ‘Multiplayer’ then hit the ‘Add Server’ button.

Step 2: Now, input the Following Details:

Server Name: Purple Prison Server IP: PurplePrison.net

Step 3: Press ‘Done’ and join the Server!