Minecraft Prison Servers: Everything there is to know

Minecraft Prison servers are a creative and engaging way to enjoy Minecraft multiplayer. Once learning a few basics, Prison servers are very easy to understand and enjoy!

Minecraft Prison Servers: Everything there is to know

Minecraft Prison servers are one of the most popular types of server in Minecraft. The general premise of these servers are such that players are sentenced to spend time inside a Minecraft jail, in which they must break out of.

The prison gamemode is typically quite competitive but offers many fun and diverse ways to enjoy the game.

How do you play Minecraft Prison servers?

A mainstream Prison server will include the following features:

Prison Mines

Prison mines are an essential part of Prison. Each mine will contain different blocks, the higher the mine, the higher the block value. Typically, a starter mine (Mine A) will have Stone/Cobblestone.

Once you break enough blocks in the mine to level up to the next mine, you will use a teleportation command to warp there. Although, you will fill up your inventory multiple times when mining.

To avoid this and to be able to continue collecting blocks, use the /sellall command to sell every block in your inventory for experience points. Prison mines range from A-Z, and if you are dedicated enough to go from A-Z multiple times, you will have an additional number next to your tag in chat.


Crates play another important role in Prison servers. Not only are they used as a form of profit for the Server Owner, but you also receive cool gadgets and rewards from opening them.

Usually, crate keys are able to be purchased on the Server’s store. However, a few crate keys such as Drop Party crate keys and Voting crate keys are able to be acquired cost-free.

Crate goods range from all levels, from a little bit of in-game currency to god-like pickaxes. If you have some extra cash in your wallet and want to spice up your game a little bit further, this is the way to go.

PVP Arena

If you ever get bored of mining, you will always be able to head to the PvP arena near spawn to battle other players. If keep-inventory is off, as is true on some servers, the reward is high but the risk is too.

PvP is a great integration into the Prison game mode as it adds more competition to the game as well as skill if you so choose to participate.


Kits are another part of Minecraft Prison. Kits usually come with great items, such as Golden Apples, great armor, insane pickaxes, and more. Kits are rarely free and can be found both in Crates as well as buying them off of other players.

To receive the best bang for your buck, purchasing a rank that includes a kit is a great way to go, as you will receive the rank perks and a cool new kit to try out in the mines and PvP arena.

How do you join a Minecraft Prison server?

Step 1: Launch Minecraft, Click ‘Multiplayer’ then hit the ‘Add Server’ button.

Step 2: Now, input the Following Details:

Server Name: Purple Prison Server IP: PurplePrison.net

Step 3: Press ‘Done’ and join the Server!