3 best Minecraft servers for OP Prison

3 best Minecraft servers for OP Prison

Minecraft OP prison servers revolve around the concept of OP items, blocks, and gear. On these servers you will instantly be given OP diamond armor, diamond pickaxes, and much more just from joining.

OP Prison servers are great fun to play as opposed to regular Prison servers and ranking up is much faster thanks to action-packed gameplay. There are also powerful enchantments to spice things up such as efficiency 1000 fortune 1000 pickaxes for example.

If you’re looking for a great Minecraft OP Prison server to play then look no further. This list will highlight not just 1, but 5 of the absolute best Minecraft servers for OP Prison that you can play right now.

3 best OP Prison Minecraft servers to play

1.) Purple Prison

IP Address: purpleprison.net

Purple Prison is the gold standard of Minecraft OP Prison. It has thousands of players at peak times of the day and has been online since 2014, just for joining this server you will be rewarded with OP diamond armor, diamond pickaxes, and much more.

There’s also a huge variety of custom features on Purple Prison that simply cannot be found elsewhere, such as custom pickaxe enchantments, mine-bombs, prestige rewards, and much more. With automated events that run up to 5 times per day, you’re sure to never get bored on this server.

Server Address: purpleprison.net

2.) MC Prison

IP Address: mc.prisonfun.com

MC Prison is one of the most classic and iconic Minecraft OP Prison servers. It has a strong and dedicated community of players that are welcoming towards new players. If you’re looking for a classic-style OP Prison server that eventually allows you to break out of the jail, then MC Prison is probably the perfect choice.

There are many things to do on this server, and you’re sure to never get bored. It has over 200 unique OP mines, each with custom blocks that sell for different prices. There are also custom pets to collect, over 20 to be exact.

Server Address: mc.prisonfun.com

3.) MOX MC

IP Address: moxmc.net

Mox MC is another great choice for playing Minecraft OP Prison. It is a fantastic server with many custom features on display, such as custom armor, custom cells, prison guard armor, and much more.

Although OP Prison on Mox MC is nothing short of fantastic, if you do want to switch it up, you can at any minute. Mox MC also offers other gamemodes on its network, such as Factions, Parkour, Skyblock, and even Creative mode.

Server Address: moxmc.net